Welcome to Bright House Publishers

We are honored to have you as our guest. Who is Bright House Publishers? BHP is an entrepreneurial publishing house. Simply put, that means we help business leaders, ministers, and entrepreneurs publish a book to become the leading voice in their marketplace.

A book is one of the greatest marketing pieces. Brochures and endless ads won’t cut it alone. But what if you were the expert in your arena?  A book does that. If you moved to a new city and were looking for a dentist, would you just pick anyone? Of course not. You want the best. So, you scour the internet and unfortunately, all the dentists seem the same … until you come across the doctor who is the author of “How to Have Healthy Teeth All of Your Life.”  Suddenly, this dentist moves to the top of your list. That is what we do. We can do the same thing for you too.  For more information on how we can publish your book, please contact us.

BHP is the brainchild of Professional Speaker and Author Mark Bowser. He and his family know how to help you succeed in business…for they have been successful themselves since 1945. After World War II, Mark’s grandfather bought the Bright Corporation and today the Bowser family is in their fourth generation of running successful businesses. Let us help you become the expert in your marketplace. A book is the best way to do that! Prospects may throw your brochure away…but they won’t do that with your book!

While you are here, please visit our BHP Store. There, you will not only find our books and those of our publishing partners and friends, but also custom-made blankets through our sister company Wraps of Remembrance.

 So, take your time, browse around, and let us know how we can help you succeed.