The Inspirational Book For Such A Time As This

Fear, Boredom, Uncertain, Moody, Unknown…Just some of the words that describe COVID-19 and the quarantine.

Dear Friend,

If you could use an inspirational, motivational book filled with uplifting stories of success, adventure, and wonder…then this may be the most exciting letter that you have read in a very long time.

Here is why — my name is Mark Bowser and I want to share with you a book I wrote called Jesus, Take the Wheel. If you are touched half as much as I was when God inspired me to write this book then you are in for a great experience.

“More: I did not want the book to end. I enjoyed every nugget in this book.”

Sandra Helmick (Amazon Reviewer)

Years ago, I had a little journal I called my “Power Nuggets Book.” When an inspirational thought came to me then I would simply write it down in this journal. That is all it was…a personal journal of motivational thoughts on success and life.

Then one day, I felt God give me that ever present tug to do something bigger with my little “Power Nuggets Book.” I felt the leading to turn it into a full fledged book by explaining each power nugget and illustrating them with wonderful stories. The result is the Christian Living book you are looking at today called Jesus, Take the Wheel: 101 Inspirations for Your Daily Christian Walk.

Now, that wasn’t the original title. I first self-published it with the title of Power Nuggets. However, I soon found that I was about the only person who liked that title or even understood it. When the book first got picked up by a traditional publisher, they came to me with a title change. They said, with your permission we would like to title the book Jesus, Take the Wheel. You know what my first thought was? With a quizzical look on my face I asked the publisher, “Isn’t there a song called that by Carrie Underwood? My next question (after I understood the publisher’s reasoning for the title change) was “Can we do that?”

Well, of course you can change the title and use something that has been used for other purposes. This new title spoke more aptly to what the book is all about because it is all about Jesus and what He can do for our lives when we let him have the wheel.

“This book is one of the most refreshing, enjoyable reading experiences I’ve had in a long time. The stories are tremendous…this is a great book and God’s power, love and wisdom is obvious in Mark’s writing.”

The Late Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, Founder of Executive Books

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At Times, Life Can Be Messy! Have you ever wished you could have a do over?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to stop the cameras of life and say “Cut! Stop Rolling. Let’s do that again. Take Two: My Life!” Well, the truth is that we can have a do over. But, we have to be willing to pull the car over to the curb and let Jesus get into the driver’s seat. Life can be messy so why not let the master Driver and Navigator have the wheel?

Jesus, Take the Wheel: 101 Inspirations for your Daily Christian Walk is packed full of warm, motivating stories to live life as a champion through faith in God and a belief in yourself. I have organized the book into short, bite sized chunks of daily devotional messages that only take a minute or two to read. So, why not start your day with Jesus?

“Open and warm. Made me think of a conversation with an old friend. And it was.”

Sandi (Amazon Reviewer)

So, are you ready to start living a life of excitement, inspiration, and fulfillment? Then, walk with me as I share how:

  • The Duke of Wellington succeeded despite tremendous odds and how we can do the same.
  • Come with me and share a smile with the nine finely tuned athletes as they help a fallen comrade at the Seattle Special Olympics…and watch a tremendous life lesson in action
  • Let’s watch how through a deep sadness Charles Schultz created one of the world’s most loved cartoon characters Charlie Brown…and how his life and our’s changed immediately.
  • Discover how a French statesman from the 1800’s can help us succeed today.
  • Learn what Abraham Lincoln told a mill owner in Illinois…and why learning this lesson will help us succeed.
  • Understand that there is no coincidence with God
  • Get excited as Jonathan Byrd built despite tremendous odds a great cafeteria with more than 200 items and a serving line almost 30 yards long…and how you can live your dreams too
  • Share tears with Ruth Peterson as she learns to love through her grief and be happy again.
  • Chuckle as Larry Walters soars at 11,000 feet into the air sitting in his balloon lifted lawn chair
  • 101 principles and stories to fill your days with faith and success

“Wow! I have read many inspirational books but none better than Mr. Bowser’s. I encourage you to buy this and read it….”

Marriagecoach1 (Amazon Reviewer)

“It’s just the kind of book we like to have, with short, concise messages, that can be picked up and put down without losing continuity. The format makes for an excellent gift too.”

The Late Zig Ziglar, America’s #1 Motivator

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